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Notice Board :
Students should cultivate the habit of going through every notice displayed on the Notice Boards. Ignorance of rules, notices & instructions will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance.

Transfer :
A candidate seeking Transfer Certificate must apply to the Principal stating clearly the reasons for withdrawal from the college. The application should be countersigned by the guardian. The desirous candidate must clear up all outstanding dues & should obtain clearance from the Laboratory, Library & the Hostel (where necessary) etc. for submission along with the application. Students seeking transfer in the middle of the session are required to pay "Tuition Fee upto the current month & all annual charges (including Annual Session Charges) in full in addition to the "Transfer Fee.
All applications for admission on transfer from other Colleges must be supported by relevant Transfer Certificate in original. Admission on transfer from other colleges will be considered provided candidates satisfy all necessary conditions of admission laid down by this college subject to availability of seats.

Migration :
Students migrated from other Universities of Boards may be provisionally admitted. The admission is liable to be cancelled if the candidate fails to submit the necessary document required by the University by the time specified by appropriate authority. No refund of fees already paid to the college, will be made under any circumstances.
Any student migrating from other University or Boards must submit the following documents at the time of admission :
Migration Certificate in original from the University or Boards concerned (This must be submitted within 60 days from the date of admission). Conclusive proof of age & Mark Sheet in original.
Pass Certificate in original of the examination that qualified the candidate for admission as applied for. Inward Migration From available from the Sales Counter of the University of Burdwan.

Identity Card :
Every student of the college is required to hold an Identity Card. The Identity Card will be issued by the college on an application for the purpose supported by a passport size photograph. Holding of Identity Card is essential for entering the college campus and also for participation in tournaments and for enjoying different facilities.

Railway Concession :
Bonafide students who travel by train to attend the college may avail themselves of monthly Railway Concession orders issued by the college. Certificate for obtaining Railway Pass are also issued to desiring candidates.

Refund of Deposits :
Laboratory Caution Money, Library Deposit, Hostel Deposit etc. are refunded once in year, usually in June, on specified dates announced through a modification in the College Notice Board to students who have completed their academic course or formally withdrawn themselves from the College after appropriate deduction for loss, breakage, damage etc. Clearance from Hostel, Laboratory, Library etc. are necessary for relevant cases before refunds are made. The Counterfoil of Cashier's Receipt must be produced at the time of claim of refunds. All deposits are liable to be feited if the claim for refund is not made with three (3) years after these fall due.

Character Certificate & College Leaving Certificate :
Students, past & present requiring a Character Certificate or College Leaving Certificate should submit an application to the effect to the college office with all relevant particulars (e.g. Roll No., Registration No., purpose etc.). Certificates of any kind are not issued to any candidate unless all up-to-date dues are cleared.

Change of Address :
Any change of address should be intimated forthwith to the college office in writing, counter signed by the Guardian.

Attestation of Certificates :
Students, past & present desiring attestation of Certificates or Mark Sheets or anything of the kind, should submit the documents to the office for necessary scrutiny.

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