Tokyo Dental College

Overview of Tokyo Dental College

Tokyo Dental College, located in Tokyo, Japan, is a prestigious institution dedicated to providing high-quality education and research opportunities in the field of dentistry. Established in 1890, it is one of Japan’s leading dental universities, celebrated for its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and nurturing skilled dental professionals. With a focus on practical education, cutting-edge research, and promoting oral health, Tokyo Dental College offers a dynamic learning environment that prepares students to excel in the field of dentistry and make a positive impact on oral healthcare.

Founding History

Tokyo Dental College was founded with the mission of promoting dental education and cultivating skilled dental professionals. Its establishment aimed to address the need for comprehensive dental training that combines academic excellence with practical experience. The university’s founding principles emphasized the importance of fostering scientific inquiry, ethical dental practice, and contributing to the improvement of oral health in society.

Since its inception, Tokyo Dental College has been dedicated to producing competent dental professionals, conducting groundbreaking research, and providing valuable dental services to the community. The university continues to uphold its founding principles and remains committed to shaping individuals who can make a positive impact on oral healthcare through their knowledge, skills, and contributions.


Tokyo Dental College offers a range of departments and specialized areas of study within the field of dentistry. With a focus on comprehensive dental education and interdisciplinary collaboration, the college provides students with a well-rounded understanding of dental sciences and practical training. Let’s take a closer look at some of the notable departments available at Tokyo Dental College:

  • Department of Oral Medicine: This department focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the oral cavity. Students learn about oral pathology, oral microbiology, and oral medicine, gaining expertise in the diagnosis and management of various oral conditions.
  • Department of Oral Surgery: In this department, students specialize in surgical procedures related to the oral and maxillofacial regions. They learn about oral and facial trauma, dental implantology, and oral rehabilitation, acquiring the necessary skills to perform complex surgical interventions.
  • Department of Orthodontics: This department focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Students learn about orthodontic techniques, craniofacial growth and development, and occlusion, developing the skills to correct misalignments and improve dental aesthetics.
  • Department of Pediatric Dentistry: In this department, students specialize in providing dental care to children and adolescents. They learn about child psychology, preventive dentistry, and managing dental diseases in pediatric patients, gaining the skills to create a positive dental experience for young patients.
  • Department of Prosthodontics: This department focuses on the restoration and replacement of missing teeth and oral structures. Students learn about fixed and removable prosthodontics, dental materials, and esthetic dentistry, acquiring the skills to design and fabricate dental prostheses.

These departments represent just a fraction of the diverse range of disciplines available at Tokyo Dental College. The college’s commitment to comprehensive dental education, practical training, and interdisciplinary collaboration creates an educational environment that prepares students to provide quality dental care, conduct research, and contribute to advancements in oral healthcare.

Courses Offered

Tokyo Dental College offers a wide variety of courses designed to cater to students’ diverse interests and career aspirations within the field of dentistry. Whether pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, there are numerous options available. Let’s explore some of the fascinating courses offered at this esteemed institution:

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (DDS): This course is the primary dental program, providing students with a comprehensive foundation in dental sciences, clinical skills, and patient care. Students learn about oral anatomy, dental materials, dental radiology, and gain hands-on experience in dental clinics.
  • Master of Dental Science (MDS): This course is a postgraduate program that allows students to specialize in a specific area of dentistry. Students can choose from various specialties such as oral medicine, orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics, and more, deepening their knowledge and expertise in their chosen field.
  • Ph.D. in Dental Sciences: This program is designed for students interested in pursuing research in dental sciences. Students engage in advanced research projects, contribute to scientific literature, and work towards advancing knowledge in the field of dentistry.

These courses represent just a fraction of the diverse range of options available at Tokyo Dental College. Whether one’s passion lies in general dentistry, specialized areas of dentistry, or dental research, there are programs tailored to develop skilled dental professionals and contribute to the advancement of oral healthcare.


Tokyo Dental College stands as a symbol of academic excellence, practical training, and innovation in the field of dentistry. With a rich history and a commitment to providing high-quality dental education, it has become one of Japan’s leading dental universities dedicated to producing skilled dental professionals. The diverse departments and extensive range of courses provide students with a transformative educational experience that fosters theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a deep commitment to oral health. As Tokyo Dental College continues to shape the future through education, research, and contributions to society, it empowers students to become competent dental professionals, advocates for oral health, and leaders who can make a significant impact on improving oral healthcare.

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